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Vicki Scuri,

Seattle, Washington

Artistic Fence — Playful design from an industrial past
A nationally known infrastructure artist is creating the plasma-cut steel fence design based on railroad imagery, recalling the busy railroad yards that one occupied this land. The fence provides a backdrop for the HHA sculpture garden area and visually screens it from Ellsworth Electric’s parking lots and loading docks.

Bio:  Educated in printmaking and design, Vicki transformed her studio work into large-scale public installations as a member of the Downtown Seattle Transit Artist Design Team. This program catalyzed her interest in collaborative work and public space. It marks the beginning of her practice, Vicki Scuri SiteWorks.

Her primary focus is site responsive, collaborative design and Public Art, with emphasis on community identity through awareness of place, history and culture. Her practice specializes in infrastructure as public place, because infrastructure, best symbolized as the backbone of urban design, is the system upon which society builds its core values, creating meaning, mobility and connectivity. Having participated on over fifty design teams across the United States, she continuously hones her skills as an artist and collaborator.


Vicki Scuri, sculptor