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Eric B. Ricks,

Washington D.C.

Originally from Monrovia, Liberia West Africa, Eric B has resided in the United States with his family as a political refugee since 1990. He completed high school at Quince Orchard High where he was initially introduced to his first love, traditional film photography. After graduating from high school, he briefly pursued photography at Montgomery College. During the 1990’s, Hip Hop culture blooming in the DMV was underscored with the “Aerosol Street Art Scene”. Eric was drawn in and immersed himself into the scene-committed to a life pursuit of this culture. Later his interest expanded as he explored many other forms of creative self expressions, including, but not limited to: traditional painting (acrylic and oils), collage, sculpture, fashion design, book making, interior design and remodeling. He sees himself as a life long student to the many disciplines of creative expression, and the arts have been the focal interest which has led him to a path of spiritual awareness and self enlightenment. Witnessing the destructive side of mankind and being a child survivor of war, Eric B uses art as a medium for hope, change and love. “Art is the thread unique to the human animal that binds and heals mankind of its diseases of hate and the illusion of alienation that we are born into.” His work was most recently featured in Art All Night:Nuit Blanch (DC), Art Whino’s G40 Art Summit (VA), Forward Festival (DC).

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